Out of Many, One: A Family’s Story
The story of Daniel Miner and his family begins at the outbreak of the Civil War. After his brother In-law, Eli Landers joins the confederacy, 1 year later the 36th Georgia Infantry Regiment is formed. Daniel’s family members and friends become a part of this Regiment and we follow their experiences through company reports and personal letters. After the Battle of Baker’s Creek (Champion Hill) and the siege of Vicksburg, Daniel becomes a part of the 36th at the age of 40. We follow Daniel’s movements from Atlanta to the mountains of Chattanooga Tennessee. We see the hardships Daniel and his comrades had to endure and their struggle to survive the events of the Civil War. For those who enjoy Civil War stories, in addition to the actual letters written by these men, are included digitally enhanced pictures from the Library of Congress. 41 years later, Daniel’s great grandson Hugh Minor is born. We follow Hugh as he grows up in northern Georgia. As a young man he joins with a group of early aviation pioneers and begins flying. Later he becomes a part of the famed Pan America Air Ferries in Miami Florida. At the outbreak of WW2 Hugh becomes a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps at the age of 38. We follow Hugh’s first mission flying as a co-pilot delivering a B-17 to Africa and his return flight with 25 other service men from various countries. We learn how these men show their bravery and self-sacrifice for themselves and their country. This book contains over 114 original color drawings to depict the stories of Daniel and Hugh. There are also 66 digitally enhanced Civil War era illustrations and photographs from the Library of Congress to reflect the turmoil’s of that time period.
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